Give your route the stage it deserves.

Races around the world use Terranaut’s RaceMap to drive deeper engagement with their athletes, fans and sponsors.

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RaceMaps solve many common challenges faced by race organisers

Benefits of RaceMaps by Terranaut

An Innovative Sponsorship format

Extend your sponsorships to your map from fully branded maps to sponsored segments, integrated sponsor content and interactive logos.

Give Your Content Purpose

Build your content around the race, add it to your map, spread it across social. You’ve got yourself an authentic and helpful story.

Increase Engagement

RaceMap’s engaging content formats deepen athlete and fan engagement across your brand touch-points creating fans for life.

Easily Manage Your Important Route Data

Easily capture, store, share, and update route tracks, aid station info, timing point locations and more.

Involve Spectators On Race Day

Guide spectators to viewing points, involve them in campaigns to upload photos along the route.

Brand Consistency and Safety Across Multiple Maps

Large race brands can control the look and feel of their maps across their portfolio of races.

It’s time to upgrade your PDF race map and elevate your route.

“Thanks again for your help bring another level of professionalism to our event”

Shane Johnstone, Transcend Trails, Australia
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