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Experience Bram: The Circular Bastide Town with a Rich History.

Located in the Occitanie region of southern France, Bram is a captivating small town that offers more than meets the eye. Famous for its unique circular layout, this medieval bastide town invites visitors to explore its concentric streets and historical landmarks. With its proximity to the Canal du Midi, Bram is also an ideal stop for boating enthusiasts and cyclists navigating this UNESCO World Heritage site.

François Lefebvre, Local Chef

"The circular streets of Bram are like a labyrinth, each turn revealing a new surprise." 

Circular Walk Around Bram

Explore the unique circular layout of Bram by walking through its concentric streets. Don't forget your camera for some excellent architectural shots.

Visit Bram Archaeological Museum

Discover the rich history of Bram and its surrounding region by visiting the local archaeological museum. Exhibits include ancient artifacts and informative displays.

LUNCH AT Le Petit Bramais

We recommend Le Petit Bramais. It is a cozy restaurant situated in the former hardware store. Enjoy a delicious modern menu, with a traditional French twist.  +33 (0)4 68 77 10 06